Featured Abstract: March 12

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Featured Abstract: “Tagging in the cloud. A data model for collaborative markup”

Jan Christoph Meister, University of Hamburg

This paper discusses the data model underlying CLÉA, short for “Collaborative Literature Exploration and Annotation”, a Google DH Award funded project based on the CATMA software developed at Hamburg University. The goal of CLÉA is to build a web based annotation platform supporting multi-user, multi-instance, non-deterministic (and, if required, even contradictory) markup of literary texts in a TEI conformant approach. Apart from technical considerations, this approach to markup has some more fundamental consequences: First, when one and the same text is marked up from different functional perspectives, markup itself starts to become fluid, allowing researchers to aggregate markup just as we aggregate other meta-texts, namely according to their specific research interest. Second and in addition to the functional enhancement, there is also a social aspect to this new approach: the production of markup becomes a team effort.This paradigm shift from individual expert annotation to an “open workgroup”, crowd sourced approach is based on what we call a “one-to-many” data model that can be implemented using “cloud” technology. “Tagging in the cloud”, therefore, combines three new aspects on text markup – the social, the technological, and the conceptual.

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