Featured Abstract: Feb. 13

Each Monday and Thursday, an abstract from one of the symposium participants will be posted to facilitate discussion.  We welcome your comments!

Featured Abstract: “Objects, Process, Context in Time and Space – and how we model all this in the Europeana Data Model”

Stefan Gradmann, Humboldt University of Berlin

Once we start modeling complex objects as RDF-graphs, as aggregations of web resources in a linked data environment we quickly get into questions regarding the boundaries of these aggregations of web resources, the ways we could describe their provenance, the way we could version them including their context (and what are the boundaries of that ‘context’?). How do we model time and process context in such environments? Herbert van de Sompel has done some initial groundbreaking work in that area with his Memento project – but that is just one first step. We seem to have firmer ground for contextualisation on the spatial side: GeoNames, GeoCoordinates and the like seem to be much more stabilized conceptual areas. Maybe because the denotative aspect is stronger in space than in time?!

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